Immaculate Photo Short Films and Video Trailers
  • Ashley & Milosz Wedding 10-07-17

    This was a beautiful wedding in Webster and Worcester area... We started in the magnificent St. Joseph Basilica in Webster and went to the Green Hill Park in Worcester and ended with the reception at the Greek Cathedral Hall. Enjoy the Video! G.

  • Bryanna & Nick's Wedding 5-28-17

    Great wedding in Spencer, MA

  • Carissa & Michael's Wedding April 21, 2018

    Carissa & Michael's Wedding April 21, 2018 St Michael's Church and Sterling National Golf Club

  • Wing & Li's Wedding 7-2-17

    This wedding was at the Lake Park place in Wrentham, MA

  • Marissa & Brandon's Wedding short film 10-28-17

    A great loving wedding in Cranston, RI

  • Michelle & Brian's wedding 6-24-17

    Here is an amazing wedding done w some aerial shots and three camera angle coverage. The wedding was at Hudson, MA. Thanks for watching... Yours G.

  • Ying & Li's Wedding Trailer 7-2-17

    Lake Park Wedding in Wremtham, MA

  • The Aldrich Mansion Aerial Video

    The Aldrich Mansion at Warwick, RI

  • Ashley & Sam Wedding 6-8-18

    A lovely wedding next to the water at the Boat Museum in Bristol, RI

  • Jackie & Mario's Wedding Trailer 5-17-15

    The Aldrich Mansion Wedding 5-17-15, Warwick, RI

  • Jackie & Mario's EngagementTrailer

    Jackie & Mario's Engagement Trailer, Warwick, RI May 17, 2015

  • Taylor & Cameron 9-3-16

    Taylor and Cameron Wedding 9-3-16 CT

  • Nicole & Eric's Wedding 4-30-16

    Nicole & Eric's Wedding 4-40-16 Rhode Island

  • Julie & Justin Wedding 6-2-18

    Julie and Justin Wedding a great family wedding w friends and family.. awesome time and many laughs... 6-2-18

  • Carissa & Michael's Wedding Trailer April 21, 2018

    Carissa & Michael's Wedding Trailer

  • Amy & Mike's wedding June 2017

    Amy & Mike's Wedding (Preview...)

  • Ashley & Milosz's Wedding 10-07-17 Long video

    Ashley & Milosz's Wedding 10-07-17 Long video at St Joseph Basilica, Webster, MA and Worcester Orthodox Cathedral plus Green Park in Worcester, MA

  • Alyssa & Steve 7-14-18

    Another wonderful wedding at the Lake Pearl in Wrenthan , MA venue.

  • Christine & Will's Engagement Trailer

    Christine & Will's Engagement pics and videos

  • Andrea & Andrew Engagement Trailer

    New Hampshire Engagement event...

  • Pam & Sam Wedding 7-30-11

    Boston Wedding

  • Shyna & David's Wedding Album

    This is an horizontal Italian hand made album. This wedding was on the Cape Cod in front of the beach...

  • Bean of Love Chicago 2014

    A quick slide show w time lap video of the Bean and downtown area of the metro area of Chicago

  • Picture Calendar included w Italian Albums

    A beautiful calendar w 7 of your favorite images is included for free in all the Italian Albums. (Image size 12 x 16)

  • A Love Story Petra & Eduardo

    Video shot at Canon Beach and the Columbia Gorge National Park...

  • Vail Ski Trip 2016

    Ski trip 2016 w Aerial footage

  • Vail, CO Trip 2015

    Time laps and Video slide show of Vail Co, ski trip, etc.

  • Italian to Go Album

    This is a practical Italian hand made album with an elegant design box... Call us to show you the albums in person which is always better.

  • Gianella & Misael's Wedding Trailer

    July 8, 2011 wedding Lincoln, RI

  • Michelle & Michael's Viking Wedding 4-2-16

    Michelle and Michaels Viking Wedding, Worcester, MA

  • Our New Italian Movie Album

    An amazing new creation from Northern Italy our new Movie Album contains the world recognize Italian album w a Movie display. Amazing capturing the images along w the emotion of the weddings...

  • Italian HD Album

    This HD Italian Album is available on our Gold and Gold plus packages, see our Wedding packages... A hand made Italian album

  • Jackie & Mario's Young Collection Wedding Album 5-17-15

    This wedding was at the Aldrich Mansion in Warwick, RI. Here is a amazing Italian Album w metallic pages within the Young Collection. Call us to see these albums...

  • Emine & Jonathan Trailer

    Emine & Jonathan Wedding Trailer at the Mechanical Hall in Worcester, MA

  • Young.MOV Movie Album from Graphi Studio

    Movie Album from Graphi Studio

  • Michelle & Bill's Wedding trailer

    This is our New Year wedding in Warwick, RI

  • Eagle's Cliff Camp 2018

    A leadership camp for boys from 8 - 16 done in the outskirts of NH White Mountains natural habitat. A faith and leadership formation that encourages the youth to help community and do great things...

  • Michelle & Brian's Trailer 6-24-17

    Michelle's trailer for her wedding 6-24-17

  • Camp Eagle's Cliff 2017

    Summer Camp video and breath taking aerial shots, Center Harbor, NH

  • Mountain Bike Rush...

    Caribbean Mountain bike adventure...

  • Canon HD Album option on our Bronze Package

    Here is an USA made album that can be done in glossy or mate finish... Set up a free consultation meeting to show you all our albums...

  • Italian Young Series Album

    A hand made Metallic Italian Young Series Album. This album comes in any paper you like to customized according to your needs.

  • Paula & Steve Wedding Trailer 6-4-16

    Paula's wedding video trailer, some of the pics at the Roger William and the Botanic Garden pics